Noster API
The Noster API provides access to a world-wide live venue database. 
Our advanced pulse algorithm continuously mines multiple social data sources to build a complete picture of the entire digital presence of millions of venues world-wide.
We can provide access to the significant data extracted in easy-to-use APIs. This live information may be used in a variety of ways by anyone from a multi-national business to an SME. We even distill the entire digital footprint of each venue down to a single "Noster Score" figure.
Simply select a business category from hundreds of options and click to view that category in whatever part of the globe you select. 
You can find every hair salon in Africa, every bar in Europe, every café in the USA or every restaurant in Asia. In a single feed you will see the entire digital presence for each venue including their websites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, OpenTable, TripAdvisor, and many more, even territory specific platforms. 
Select any category, for any city or country and receive rich information of all kinds for every venue to assist you in whatever your endeavour. 
Data Sources
See data for each venue from a huge range of worldwide and local sources.
Great Coverage
View comprehensive, live data for millions of venues across the globe.
Social Analysis
Access key insights with our advanced, social, sentiment analysis
Sample Data
Check out samples of rich data from venues around the world
Review innovative solutions using the API
Case Studies
Understand how the API assists our clients